Anti-Fireworks Alliance


1. Short Term – to create an awareness and social conscience concerning fireworks use, reducing the carnage caused by fireworks. 

2. Medium term – to engage with municipalities to revise by-laws where these are inadequate, to publicise by-laws through the media, and to engage with metro police to ensure by-laws are policed properly, so that fireworks are prohibited in private hands and their use restricted  to pyrotechnicians in designated areas.

3. Long Term – to participate actively and aggressively in commenting on and influencing the final draft of the Explosives Act 15 of 2003, with the objective of defining the nature of fireworks which may be legally imported and used, in order to get the import AND sale of fireworks regulated so that only quiet fireworks may be sold to the public.

ALLIANCE PARTNERS (Click on the text to go to their page)

1. Fireworks Must Fall

2. Hindus Against Fireworks

3. Fireworks Banning Initiative


If you want to get involved, and by ‘involved’ we mean collecting information from vets and shelters, lobbying local municipalities, educating local communities and using various media to inform and influence the public and get petitions signed, join one of these Regional groups:



Eastern Cape:


Western Cape:


Northern Cape:

Free State:

North West:

Be prepared to take action. This campaign will take the concerted effort of many people – just joining the group will do absolutely nothing; there is a need to influence the public and Government and a petition alone will not do this….



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